Custom Software Development

In the past 13 years, Hambzik has accumulated rich experience in the following areas:

The pool of experts in Hambzik play a key role in providing high value technology consulting and on-time, on-budget delivery. Most of them have been focusing on software R&D in a specific domain for a minimum of five years. Also, by using a programming process (Agile Method), they make the whole development process transparent to you, which highly decreases the potential risks concerning quality.

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Project Rescue

Many companies that use offshore software outsourcing often experience unexpected issues:

Why Transfer your Project to Hambzik?

All the risks above could be easily addressed with Agile processes. Hambzik is a professional outsourcing company committed to significant investment in its chosen technologies, production methodologies and service delivery quality assurance. It is one of the pioneering Chinese practitioners of offshore Agile development.

Hambzik developers

Free trial with chosen developers: as part of our risk-reduction strategy, you are invited to a free trial with Hambzik candidates in order to evaluate their communication/working efficiency and confirm their suitability for your project.

100% project visibility: Hambzik operates a fully transparent project management environment, allowing you to participate in the daily work of each developer and keep abreast of all project details, including project progress, the specific work of each team member, project risk and control statuses. You will have access to our internally developed and stress-tested offshore Project Management System (PMS). Review PMS now.

Quick iteration and regular demo delivery: a visible working module/function point is delivered for your confirmation after a quick iteration (usually about two weeks' work). The Agile development method enables you to confirm the correctness of our understanding of your requirements and clearly indicates progress made.

Software Migration/Re-engineering

With rapid changes and innovations in technologies, companies are straddled with more costs more often as they seek just to keep pace with the competition or to gain competitive advantage.

At Hambzik we specialize in reusing as much original code as we can while keeping the new system robust by integrating newer technologies. Our software migration/reengineering services include: